martins building
With all the devastating news on Slauson…here’s some great new developments happening just down the street! Thank you Clyde Jenkins for successfully leasing our property!
This building has stood the test of time…Goodbye Martin Construction! I know my poppy would be happy that we are breathing life into his building…more to come…


Clyde Jenkins is THE MAN!!!!! If I’m lyin’, I’m flyin’!!!!! Clyde unloaded my boss Hollywood-Hills crib for significantly over the already inflated asking price, and financed my long-overdue exit from L.A. — my smogbound fatherland.  Listen, foks — engage Clyde ‘The Glide” for all your real-estate needs — and do whatever he says, because groovy greenbacks will await if you do!!!!!!!


I am what you might consider a very difficult client to please. Entertainment is my business, creativity is my world. My wardrobe is my sanctuary. I am a loner and privacy is important to me. Now, try and find me a house!

After several attempts to no avail, it was Clyde who contacted me regarding a new listing. On my way to view the property, Clyde called to inform me that the listing agent phoned with an emergency and had to postpone our viewing. However, Clyde insisted I still meet him. He felt positive about this house. I met him and the house was perfect for me. We were only able to look through the windows. Clyde looked at me and said, “I love this house for you.” I was also in love. But like most women who fall in love, the fear factor set in.

Let down by a couple of properties I was fond of that were taken before I arrived for viewing, I became somewhat pessimistic. Clyde pursued and hunted down this house like a warrior, refusing me to let go of the idea that he had found the perfect house for me. I saw the hunger in his eyes.

Negotiations were brutal! Clyde was  amazing! Even when I was ready to give them my first born grandchild to acquire this home, he refused me and negotiated a fair and honest contract…I am in love with a house! Go King Clyde!

Bernadette Cooper

The Diva


CEO, Executive Producer

Clyde is a great person and excellent realtor. My wife Emerald and I worked with Clyde over the course of 12 months looking for the right home for our family, Clyde gained our trust by sending us potential options and answering any questions we had on certain houses (good or bad answers – he just keeps it 100% real). Over the course of this year, we probably met Clyde at 20+ open houses and set appointments before making any offers. He never rushed us at all and was instrumental to helping us fully understand the housing market and buying the right property (that would go up in value and not down).

FINALLY, we made an offer on our “dream home”. We had to go through several rounds of negotiations where Clyde was very involved in and made sure we got the best deal. A month later, the home was ours. Clyde referred to us a home inspector and termite inspector and was there on the inspection days + any follow up days until we closed.

When it was time to move in, Clyde was there to give us our keys and with a very thoughtful house warming present.

He is overall a great person and my wife and I trust him + refer him to our friends.

Thanks Clyde!


Retired FBI Agent,  & Writer – Criminal Minds Television Show

“I am writing to tell everyone how helpful and tenacious my Real Estate Agent, Clyde Jenkins, is.  Not only did he find me my dream home in LA, he went to bat for me countless times during the inspection, mortgage application, and closing processes.  He knew where all the potential pitfalls were and he prepared me for them.  He arranged very qualified inspectors who prepared detailed reports and documentation of the issues they uncovered.  I have purchased 11 homes in my life and this is the very first time that I felt like my agent actually earned his commission and more.  Working with Clyde was like having a life-long friend in the business…  I’d trust him with my life.”

Sincerely, A very satisfied client…

Jim Clemente


“Clyde Jenkins is the BEST !  His superlative work is amazing. He is punctual at each step of the process in real estate. Clyde is trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I am a control type person and I felt very comfortable in giving Clyde control of my Short Sale.  The most important key in business is communication and Clyde’s personality and expert knowledge of real estate, he always kept me informed and updated. I feel very blessed to know  Clyde Jenkins.  Clyde is an awesome realtor.  I know we will be forever friends.”

Debbie Kepley  & Gala (my dog)


“It has been my pleasure to have worked with Clyde to sell my childhood home after my mother’s passing.  During the period following the listing of my home, Clyde proved himself to be an indispensable source of support and information.

Utilizing his relationships with members of the real estate community and his extensive connections to help circulate my listing; Clyde was able to sell my home much faster than I anticipated.  He has a work ethic unsurpassed, the quality of which is beyond reproach.” 


“Clyde Jenkins, You are polished, professional and genuine.  Thank you so much for all your knowledge and wisdom in this transaction.”


“Following our relocation from the Midwest, we were fortunate to meet and work with Clyde Jenkins of Coldwell Banker Real Estate.  Clyde was extremely effective and professional, based on his sharp listening, attention to detail and knack for anticipating client needs.  In fact, when we were at a showing for a new property with other clients, Clyde came prepared with the paperwork ready to hand off to the property agent.  We moved in a short while later, and he followed up to ensure we were 100% happy.  Clyde is “the best.”

Tom and Sarah


Singer, Song-writer, Producer

“If you are looking for a new home and this is your first time searching, Clyde is a life saver.  He is very professional but also has a sense of humor that makes this tedious process a lot more enjoyable.”


President – Ed Hardy Beverages

“Clyde my man, what can I say.  Thank you so much for all your help and dedication to the needs of me, my wife and 2 children.  You went above the call of duty to get us the perfect home!  If ever the need comes again, for me to seek a realtor for myself, family or friends, YOU are the man!! Thanks so much!!”


“I was referred to Mr. Jenkins, after going to two other realtors.  He really impressed me with his knowledge of the area I was interested in buying, and his availability to answer any and all questions I had.  I was also very appreciative of his input when it came to putting in a bid for the property, for which I did get.”


Actor, Writer, Producer

“Clyde, we’ve tried several agents before hiring you with no success.  From the beginning of this transaction, you said you would not rest until you had our property sold!!  In the end, you kept your promise.  Not only did I know you were an expert in the field of residential real estate sales, but now that you have sold our BOWLING ALLEY, you may have to add a new title to your resume.  My family and I are grateful to have used you as our realtor, and even more proud to call you our friend.”


“I have worked with Clyde for almost two years and my experience with him has been beyond exceptional.   He always answers my questions and give me plenty of information to help me make the right decisions.  Ample availability via e-mail, text, phone or even in person.  He has great work ethic; he is punctual, honest, knowledgeable, has great personality and is extremely responsible.  I would recommend him to anyone buying, selling or renting a property.”