Is this home Floating in the Forest…..?

Mirrored Home in Poland Looks Like It’s Floating in a Forest


The world is currently awash in mirrored buildings that claim to “disappear.” There are “vanishing” childcare centers, roadsidecafes, universities, and even a skyscraper. But frankly, most of them are still 95% visible, despite the mirrors and glass they have deployed (often ingeniously). This country house set in a forest outside of Warsaw, Poland is different. Anyone strolling through the woods could be forgiven for thinking there was a windowed white box floating above the grassy, gnarled earth. Designed by the young Polish architect Marcin Tomaszewski, ‘Izabelin House’ has a reflective ground-floor and an opaque upper level.

The home “disappears” more effectively when approached from the side, as its large front window is not visible then. The bottom level includes a sheltered terrace in a shade of dark brown wood that matches the surrounding earth. It’s all pretty neat.




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NOW is the time to BUY!!! Mortgage rates hit another historical LOW today!!

It’s been another good week for prospective homebuyers and mortgage refinancers, as average fixed mortgage rates slipped for the third consecutive week, according to Freddie Mac.

The agency’s weekly survey showed that the average rate on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage was 3.66 percent, down from 3.73 percent last week and 4.41 percent a year ago. That puts the average rate on par with its level in mid-May 2013.

Average rates on a 15-year mortgage also slid this week, to 2.98 percent from 3.05 percent last week and 3.45 percent a year ago. It was the first time since May 30, 2013, that the interest rate on that loan product fell below 3 percent.

“Mortgage rates fell for the third consecutive week as oil prices plummeted and long-term Treasury yields continued to drop despite a strong employment report,” said Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac’s chief economist.

On Wednesday, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that the volume of mortgage applications for the week ended Jan. 9 increased 49 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis. Applications for mortgage refinancings rose 66 percent from the previous week, to the highest level seen since July 2013.

Average mortgage rates, tallied every week by Freddie Mac, are typically lower than the rates quoted to consumers. Loan-level price adjustments, also known as credit overlays, factor in a borrower’s credit score and the debt-to-equity ratio.

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Can Petra Stunt Get $150 Million For the Infamous Manor?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Shut it all down, The Manor is for sale again in Holmby Hills. Petra (Ecclestone) Stunt, the 25-year-old Formula 1 heiress who became the infamous megamansion’s second-ever owner in 2011, is now quietly shopping it around for $150 million, reports the LA Times. The completely 56,500-square-foot Manor was built in 1991 by television super-producer Aaron Spelling and his doll-loving wife Candy, and became famous for its giftwrapping room, doll museum, bowling alley, etc. etc. etc. After Aaron’s death, Candy listed the property for $150 million and finally sold to Stunt for a mere $85 million. Stunt completely overhauled the house, airing out the doll must and bringing in dark velvet, crystals, a custom coat of arms created by her decorator, and a Marc Quinn sculpture of twin Pamela Andersons in bikinis. Now she’s looking for the very same thing Candy Spelling was after once: $150 million.

Or at least enough to break a record. >>

TMZ, however, reports that Stunt will go a bit lower, as long as the sale price stays above $102 million, the record-breaking price paid for the nearby Fleur de Lys megamansion this past spring. There are apparently five real estate agents working furiously to broker Los Angeles’s new most expensive sale.

The Manor has 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms on 4.7 acres.

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Own your very own piece of Hollywood

This fabulous Hollywood Spanish Bungalow style home is like Condo living without the HOA fees!! Great location, great price, great home!!

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** NEW LISTING ALERT*** 6333 La Mirada Ave. in the Heart of Hollywood!!!

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Shirley MacLaine’s $18,000,000.00 New Age Reguge Offers ‘Inner Peace’


After 20 years nestled among the mountains in Abiquiú, N.M., Shirley MacLaine is selling her 7,450-acre Plaza Blanca Ranch retreat. Despite the fact that the psychics she consulted (as one does) told her to aim for $30M, the Terms of Endearment star listed the place for “a more complete” $18M for spiritual reasons, which is rather fitting considering the massive ranch is set in what MacLaine calls “the New Age capital of the country.” The property centers around a 9,000-square-foot, nine-bedrooms main house with an indoor spa and a massive, sunny greenhouse—all equipped with solar panels. Underneath the home, there’s an additional apartment modeled after underground Native American rooms used for spiritual ceremonies. There estate also offers a caretaker’s cottage, a horse barn, a “yurt,” a swimming pool, a wind generator, and, of course, tons of secluded desert land that, according to MacLaine, provides “inner peace” and “a refuge from a very confused and conflicted world.” Take a healing look, below:

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I guess just being Mayor of Los Angeles is not enough. Eric Garcetti wants to be your Landlord as well!!


Rent Mayor Garcetti’s Silver Lake House for $8,500 a Month

In signature style, Mayor Eric Garcetti acted like he might stay in his own house in Silver Lake after he was elected last year, but ended up moving into the Windsor Square mayor’s mansion, Getty House, instead. Now he’s leasing out that Silver Lake house and is apparently totally unsympathetic to that raging rental crisis in Los Angeles: rent is $8,500 a month. Garcetti and his wife bought the contemporary house in 2011, shortly after it was built, for $1.425 million; it comes now with 5 “plus” bedrooms, five bathrooms, a walk-in pantry, media room, office/gym, a deck with lake views, a yard, and a garage. (For the record, it’s not nearly as handsome as their previous house in Echo Park, which was featured in Dwell and rented in 2011 for $4,500 before they sold it.) The mayor’s offering a year lease, according to the LA Times.

All the photos this way. >>

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Want to live like a “Prince”?? Now here’s your chance….

Buy Prince’s Fittingly Flamboyant Spanish Villa for $7.75M


Ever since one of Prince‘s landlords filed suit claiming he had violated the terms of his lease by installing monogrammed purple carpeting and painting the house with purple stripes, it’s been a bit of a letdown to hear that the high priest of pop even entertains the thought of decorating with any color aside from his signature purple paisley. Like when he requested that his entire room at London’s Dorchester Hotel be done up in all black. Seriously, what gives? Better to stick with what you know. In that vein, a simple request for the next owner of the six-bedroom mansion in Marbella, Spain that Prince recently listed for $7.75M: paint it purple. The entire thing. All of this “completely renovated stunning Villa,” from the “enormous colonial style double staircase” to the “grand, chandeliered entrance hall,” to the “tennis court, outdoor heated pool and extensive terraces.” (Here’s a good point of reference.) Do it for “flamboyant music legend Prince,” who, according to the listing, acquired the place as a gift for his then-wife Mayte Garcia in 1998, later to use it as “the inspiring scenario for many of his beautiful songs.”

More info and disappointingly unpurpled photos ahead.

The couple’s intertwined monograms appear throughout the villa, and there’s a portrait of them in the main hall, but on tragic note, word has it that Prince hasn’t set foot in it since their marriage fell apart in the late ’90s. (Garcia has apparently used it occasionally on the weekends since then.) Which could possibly explain the lack of a fittingly Prince-like color scheme. Still, the abundance of marble and the sheer opulence are worthy of the man.

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New Rental Unit Available

New Rental Unit Available


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Trying to save a few bucks when buying a home may not be the smartest thing…

Why you should ALWAYS use a realtor when buying a home!

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