Rental Application

Please print out this application  (see link below) and complete.  (Please print CLEARLY on the application).

IMPORTANT:  It’s very important that you sign in both (2) places on page two highlighted in YELLOW.  Your application will NOT be processed without both signatures. 

ONE application is needed for every ADULT person who intends to occupy the property.

Please CLICK HERE to open and print Rental/Credit Application.

Once application is completed, please return to Clyde Jenkins with a check or money order made payable to:   PREMIUM CREDIT BUREAU

Check should be made out for the following amount(s)

SINGLE PERSON:                 $25.00*

MARRIED COUPLE:             $30.00*

This fee covers the cost of your credit being pulled from ALL 3 Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Trans-Union, and Experian).

*There is an additional fee to check for previous evictions. ($12 Single / $22 Married Couple)