Shirley MacLaine’s $18,000,000.00 New Age Reguge Offers ‘Inner Peace’


After 20 years nestled among the mountains in Abiquiú, N.M., Shirley MacLaine is selling her 7,450-acre Plaza Blanca Ranch retreat. Despite the fact that the psychics she consulted (as one does) told her to aim for $30M, the Terms of Endearment star listed the place for “a more complete” $18M for spiritual reasons, which is rather fitting considering the massive ranch is set in what MacLaine calls “the New Age capital of the country.” The property centers around a 9,000-square-foot, nine-bedrooms main house with an indoor spa and a massive, sunny greenhouse—all equipped with solar panels. Underneath the home, there’s an additional apartment modeled after underground Native American rooms used for spiritual ceremonies. There estate also offers a caretaker’s cottage, a horse barn, a “yurt,” a swimming pool, a wind generator, and, of course, tons of secluded desert land that, according to MacLaine, provides “inner peace” and “a refuge from a very confused and conflicted world.” Take a healing look, below:

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