Music star Drake buys Hidden Hills home

Former child-actor turned rap superstar Drake may not be needing moving services as his recent real estate purchase is the same home he has been renting for the last year. News sources say he paid around $7.7 million for the Hollywood Hills mansion that was never added to the list of homes for sale in Los Angeles County.

The home offers more than 12,500 square feet of living space including seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, along with a number of celebrity-status amenities. The estate’s 24-seat movie theater, wine cellar, mini spa, rec room and fitness center likely prompted the rapper to commit to the property.

While he is originally from Toronto, Canada, he spends most of his time in the U.S., so the move was a logical step. He added in an interview with MTV News that he is looking forward to a new atmosphere and the opportunity to meet new people.

Aside from the numerous upgrades throughout the home, Drake will likely enjoy living next to other celebrities including the Osbournes, Sinbad and Denise Richards.

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